Boxer Short Styles and Designs: Beyond the Basics


When it comes to men’s wear, even though the collections are minimal, there are quite a lot of designs, fabrics and materials available. It is important to choose the right type of garment based on our preferences so that we get the right dose of comfort needed. When it comes to men’s wear, shorts and tees are one of the most used and favourite combos of all time.

Shorts are nothing but the shorter version of trousers, where they last up to the knees. This is one of the most preferred outfits, especially in the summer season, or during the warm climates. Even though this is one of the common wear, it is important to choose them a little unique so that they can project in a stylish manner. Wondering what you can look for uniqueness in shorts? Nothing, but the prints.

Even though plain shorts are nice, it is important to choose ones, that have some printed designs and colours embedded in them. This can be used as both innerwear and at the same time, loungewear too! Even though there are many types of innerwear collections available, boxers are most of our favourites, which means because of the comfort and beauty in the material. Wondering where you can find a unique boxers collection available? Never worry, XYXX has some of the best-printed boxer collections, which are going to make your outlook seem stylish and classy at the same time. Here are some of the boxer short styles, and designs for your reference:

1.   Bold Boxers:

Adding bold designs to the men’s boxers would make your overall boxers look, a little stylish and elegant at the same time.

2.   Printed Boxers:

This is one of our favourite categories in the boxer’s session. The wonderful and unique prints in the boxers would be aesthetic in your wardrobe collection for sure.

3.   Checkmate Collections:

Not just in terms of boxers, checkmate is one of the most loved and beautiful kinds of design in most garments. There are quite a lot of colours available, which will suit your body and colour at the same time.

4.   Renew Collections:

In this category, they have a wide range of prints which is like matching the colour and the vibe, with aesthetic ranges. All of them are unique and work best when you are on vacation too!

Make sure to check th material of the boxers, since only then they will be comfortable and work best on your skin. Also, never consider the future and get two to three sizes bigger than yours. Go with your correct size or even one size bigger, so that they will be perfect when looking from outside.

For the maintenance part, use mild detergents and air dry them. Also if you are someone who always irons, use them on low heat so that the colour and design of the material seem to be perfect and long-lasting.

You can find a wide range of boxers for men online from XYXX, which is completely designed for men’s clothing.

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