Who is Gloria Bosman? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career And Net Worth


Gloria Bosman is an iconic figure in the South African music industry, having made a powerful impact as a female musical great and revolutionary in the creative sector.

She has defied patriarchal stereotypes to become a highly respected figure in a male-dominated industry, and her influence and legacy can still be felt today.

We will examines Gloria Bosman’s biography, family life, height, career, and net worth.

Let’s take a look at Gloria Bosman Biography!!

Who is Gloria Bosman?

Who is Gloria Bosman? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career And Net Worth

Gloria Bosman is a legendary South African artist, singer and songwriter highly respected in the music industry.

She belongs to a generation of female musical greats who refused to submit to patriarchal stereotypes in a male-dominated industry.

Gloria has become a symbol of strength, resilience, and courage for many women who have followed in her footsteps.

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Her unique style and lyrics made her mark on the industry, and her determination and passion for her craft have earned her admiration from fans worldwide.

Gloria Bosman is a true revolutionary who has helped pave the way for future generations of female musicians.

Gloria Bosman Wikipedia

She was born and raised in South Africa, where she spent most of her childhood. She came from a family of six children and was raised in a loving environment.

Growing up, she was known for her passion and determination to break free of the patriarchal stereotypes which were so prominent in the music industry.

She received an education at the University of Cape Town, and after graduating, she began her illustrious career in the music industry.

Bosman’s family is known for its strong bond and close relationships. They all share an unconditional love for each other and a passion for music. Bosman has remained close with her siblings and is known for her unyielding support for them.

Gloria Bosman’s Personal life


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Gloria Bosman was known to be fiercely independent, maintaining a strong presence in the music industry and never allowing her husband’s fame to overshadow her own.

She raised her children to have the same spirit of independence and support for one another as a family.

Outside of her professional life, Gloria was a passionate advocate for social justice and an avid reader. She also enjoyed traveling, with her last big trip to London in 2018.

Her passion for life and her family was deeply evident through her many pursuits. In her spare time, Gloria liked to spend time with her children and her extended family.

She was an inspiring figure to many and will be remembered as a trailblazer for future generations.

Before Fame

Gloria Bosman had been a rising star in the music industry for years before she was thrust into the spotlight in the late 1970s.

Gloria started her musical career at a young age, playing in the band Makgona Tsohle Band, where she developed her unique blend of traditional and modern musical styles.

She became a powerful figure in the fight against Apartheid, and her music was seen as a protest.
She even became an honorary member of the African National Congress (ANC) in recognition of her activism.

Gloria Bosman Career

Gloria Bosman was an influential musician and actress who pushed the boundaries of South African music.

She released several groundbreaking albums, including her self-titled debut album, which featured a mixture of traditional South African genres. She also starred in numerous musicals and movies during her career.

Her work has been celebrated worldwide. She was even nominated for a Grammy Award in 1989. Gloria Bosman pioneered her field and is a shining example of women succeeding in the music industry.

She empowered many other women in the industry and used her success to bring attention to the struggles of women in South Africa.

Awards and Recognition

  • Gloria Bosman received various awards and honors, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the South African Music Awards in 2001.
  • President Thabo Mbeki recognized her influence and presented her with the Order of Ikhamanga, Silver class, in 2004.
  • In 2006, she was inducted into the South African Music Hall of Fame. In 2008, Bosman received an honorary doctorate from the University of Johannesburg in recognition of her remarkable contribution to music.

Gloria Bosman’s Net Worth

Gloria Bosman has accumulated over $1 million net worth thanks to her hard work and determination. Her success comes from a long career in performing and producing music.

As well as, She appears in films, television shows, and other media outlets. As a result, she has earned a lucrative salary that has helped her build up her wealth over time.

Additionally, Gloria Bosman advocates for women’s rights and frequently speaks out against gender inequality in the music industry. Also, tthis has contributed to her net worth, as she continues receiving support from her loyal fans and advocates.

Gloria Bosman Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Gloria Bosman had an enviable and statuesque figure. She was 5 feet 8 inches tall and had a slender frame that she maintained with a healthy diet and plenty of exercises.

A narrow waist, long legs, and broad shoulders complimented her hourglass figure. Her skin was light-colored, and her eyes were brown.

Her signature hairstyle was a low bun that often featured intricate braids. She was known for her striking beauty and impeccable fashion sense.

She typically chose bright colors and patterns that would make her stand out in a crowd. Her look was unique and glamorous, making her the perfect model for South African women of all ages.

Gloria Bosman Hobbies

  • She loved attending concerts and was passionate about music.
  • Bosman had a unique and charismatic approach to entertaining.
  • She was an avid reader, spending much of her free time reading books.
  • She enjoyed traveling and exploring new cultures.
  • Bosman liked writing songs, poetry and short stories.
  • She was a great cook and enjoyed cooking for friends and family.
  • Gardening was one of her favorite hobbies; she was often seen tending to her plants.
  • She was an active member of many charities and volunteered her time helping those in need.
  • She enjoyed listening to jazz music, taking long walks, and playing chess with her friends.
  • Bosman loved spending time with her grandchildren, teaching them about life and music.

Gloria Bosman’s Favorite Things

• Music:

Gloria’s incredible passion for music drove her career and life. She was a fan of jazz, gospel, and traditional African music genres.

• Reading:

Gloria enjoyed reading books to stay current on what was happening in the world. She was particularly interested in current affairs and African literature.

• Activism:

Gloria was an avid activist dedicated to changing society. She was known for her outspokenness and bold approach to fighting inequality.

• Travel:

Gloria was a world traveler, often visiting different countries to understand more about other cultures. She also enjoyed discovering new places, learning about different peoples and immersing herself in their customs.

• Shoes:

As a fashionista, Gloria had an impressive collection of shoes that she loved to show off. She always found the perfect pair, from heels to flats and sandals, for any occasion.

Death and legacy


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Gloria Bosman passed away peacefully in her sleep on March 15, 2023. She was a role model for countless female artists, inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

Her music will continue to be heard and appreciated for generations to come. She left behind a rich legacy of inspiration, courage, and determination.

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Gloria’s death has been deeply mourned by the South African music community, who have shared their tributes on social media and are celebrating her incredible life and accomplishments.

Her contributions will never be forgotten, and she will always remain an icon of female empowerment and creative strength.

Fun Facts about Gloria Bosman

  • Gloria Bosman was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and was considered one of the most influential women in music.
  • In her younger days, she played several instruments, including the piano, guitar, and saxophone.
  • Gloria Bosman was passionate about social justice, advocating for racial and gender equality throughout her career.
  • She was instrumental in forming the African Musicians Union and served as the organization’s first female president.
  • In recognition of her achievements, Gloria Bosman was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music from the University of Natal.
  • She has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mabuse.
  • Her songs are still widely appreciated today, including hits like ‘Bring it On’ and ‘Kiss Me Quick.’
  • She received numerous awards throughout her career, including the Order of Ikhamanga, South Africa’s highest honor for achievement in the arts.
  • Gloria Bosman passed away in 2020 at the age of 79. Her legacy is honored by many in South Africa and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Gloria Bosman Die?

Gloria Bosman died peacefully in her home in Soweto, South Africa, at 60 in 2020.

Who was Gloria Bosman?

Gloria Bosman was a South African singer, songwriter and composer who fought for gender equality in the male-dominated music industry. She was iconic in the country’s music scene, releasing multiple successful albums and singles throughout her career.

How Old Was Gloria Bosman When She Died?

Gloria Bosman died at the age of 60.

What Were Some of Gloria Bosman’s Most Famous Songs?

Some of Gloria Bosman’s most famous songs include “Uyisithunywa,” “Sizofunda Ngamagama,” and “Qina.”

What is Gloria Bosman’s legacy?

Gloria Bosman will be remembered for her fiery spirit and revolutionary approach to gender equality in the creative sector. She is an icon in South African music history and will continue to inspire future generations.

How old was Gloria Bosman?

Bad news multi-award-winning South African musician Gloria Bossman has died aged just 50.

Where was Gloria Bosman Born?

The Soweto-born Bosman was praised for her soothing, silky vocals and versatility in various music genres.

When was Charles Bosman Born?

Herman Charles Bosman (born Feb. 5, 1905, Kuils River, near Cape Town, Cape Colony [now in South Africa]—died Oct. 14, 1951, Edendale, S.Af.) was a South African writer who is noted for his short stories depicting rural Afrikaner character and life.

Where was Bosman?

Bosman was born to Afrikaner parents near Cape Town but spent most of his life in the Transvaal. It is the Transvaal milieu that permeates almost all of his writings.

Who Was the Bosman Transfer Named After?

Jean-Marc Bosman (French: [ʒɑ̃ maʁk bɔsman]; born 30 October 1964) is a Belgian former professional footballer who played as a midfielder. His judicial challenge of the football transfer rules led to the Bosman ruling in 1995.

What Are the Names of Any Three of the Books Bosman Wrote?

  • Mafeking Road & Other Stories (1947), ISBN 0-7981-3902-1 Human & Rousseau, ISBN 978-0-9793330-6-4 Archipelago Books (2008)
  • Rubaijat van Omar Khajjam (1948), Colin Reed-McDonald.
  • Cold Stone Jug (1949), ISBN 0-7981-3981-1 Human & Rousseau.


Gloria Bosman was a powerhouse in the South African music industry, and her impact will be felt for generations.

Her refusal to accept patriarchal stereotypes in the male-dominated music industry set her apart as an icon for her contemporaries and a role model for future generations.

She left behind a rich legacy of songs and influence that will continue to touch lives in South Africa and beyond. Her work is a reminder that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can always have an impact and make a difference.

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