Grenada National Football Team vs United States Men’s National Soccer Team Lineups



In the realm of international soccer, every match brings a unique blend of excitement, anticipation, and fierce competition. As we turn our attention to the upcoming clash between the Grenada National Football Team and the United States Men’s National Soccer Team, fans around the world are eager to see which players will make the starting lineups and how the match is likely to unfold. In this article, we’ll explore potential lineups for both teams and offer predictions for this intriguing encounter.

Grenada National Football Team Lineup

Grenada, a small Caribbean nation, has made strides in the world of international soccer. Their lineup is composed of talented players who play both domestically and abroad. Although they face a formidable opponent in the United States, Grenada is known for their never-give-up attitude and willingness to fight for every ball.

Goalkeeper: Jason Belfon

Jason Belfon is a seasoned goalkeeper with a wealth of experience. His ability to make crucial saves will be essential in keeping Grenada competitive.


Aaron Pierre

Tyrone Sterling

Keno Alexander

Keishon Benjamin

The defense will play a pivotal role in ensuring Grenada remains organized and resilient against the U.S. attack.


Shavon John-Brown

Benjamin Ettienne

Jake Rennie

Leon Braveboy

The midfielders will be responsible for creating opportunities and controlling the tempo of the game.


Jamal Charles

Tahj Joseph

These forwards will carry the weight of Grenada’s goal-scoring hopes, aiming to exploit any weaknesses in the U.S. defense.

United States Men’s National Soccer Team Lineup

The United States Men’s National Soccer Team is a powerhouse in international soccer. With a rich history of success, they bring an array of top-tier players who compete in some of the world’s most prestigious leagues. Their lineup is always highly anticipated, and the competition for starting positions is fierce.

Goalkeeper: Zack Steffen

Zack Steffen is a reliable goalkeeper who plays for Manchester City in the English Premier League. His shot-stopping abilities are second to none.


DeAndre Yedlin

John Brooks

Mark McKenzie

Antonee Robinson

The U.S. defense features a mix of experienced and emerging talents, with a focus on versatility and adaptability.


Weston McKennie

Tyler Adams

Christian Pulisic

Brenden Aaronson

The U.S. midfield boasts a blend of creativity, athleticism, and a strong work ethic. They will control the game’s flow and dictate the pace.


Josh Sargent

Giovanni Reyna

These talented forwards are expected to put pressure on Grenada’s defense and capitalize on goal-scoring opportunities.

Predictions and Expectations

The match between Grenada and the United States promises to be an exciting clash of different playing styles and levels of experience. Here are some expectations and predictions for the game:

U.S. Dominance: The United States Men’s National Soccer Team is the clear favorite in this matchup. Their depth of talent and experience in top-level leagues should give them a significant advantage.

Grenada’s Fighting Spirit: Grenada is unlikely to back down easily. They will bring their fighting spirit and determination, looking to seize any opportunities that arise.

Goal-Scoring Action: Given the attacking prowess of both teams, fans can expect to see goals in this match. The U.S. has the firepower, but Grenada’s counter-attacks could make things interesting.

Final Score: Predicting the final score is challenging, but a scoreline of 3-1 in favor of the United States is a reasonable prediction, taking into account the difference in team strength.

Potential for Surprises: Soccer has a way of springing surprises, and Grenada could make this game more competitive than expected. If they can find a chink in the U.S. defense and convert their chances, it could make for a thrilling contest.


The Grenada National Football Team vs. United States Men’s National Soccer Team matchup is a compelling fixture that showcases the global appeal of the sport. While the United States boasts a strong lineup of experienced players, Grenada brings passion and a never-say-die attitude. Soccer fans from around the world will be eagerly watching this match, hoping for an exciting display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship on the field.

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