How You Can Run Some Brand Giveaways for More Attention


Here are some options on what you can do when you want to use brand giveaways as a way to get some attention. With more attention, you can achieve more awareness and increase your profits.

Create a contest on social media

This is a popular option and often something a business will do with the shirts they create from company shirt printing. The important thing with social media contests is to keep the instructions you give followers simple. If you direct them to do too many things you get fewer people interacting with the post and the contest then is a failure. Things like posting a photo of what you are giving away and then asking for them to like it and tagging in someone is good. The tagging is important because it gets them to spread the word about the contest and also boosts brand awareness. Know when the contest is going to end, whether that is a date or whether it is when so many likes are achieved. Make sure you announce and congratulate your winners.

Send out some goodies to prospects

Something you might choose to do with items you have sent for company shirt embroidery is send them out to people you would like to work with. That might be individuals or it might be certain businesses or organizations. Send some additional goodies with the shirts and include a call for action. You might offer a discount or deal for them and make sure you also send your contact information.

Be a sponsor

One way you can grow your business is to be a sponsor of other people or events. You can use that to offer giveaways at those events and include your branding. Create a gift bag that includes a free t-shirt or other items you think people would appreciate. People will interact with you and be able to ask questions.

Make conferences more fun

When you attend your own business events and conferences you can use company shirt printing as giveaways to break up the event and create a bit of a fun time. Host something where people can get some free things to keep people excited and engaged with your brand.

Give them to workers

You can use company shirt embroidery on shirts and give them to employees. They will then wear them at work but also elsewhere and that is a great way to get some easy and effective marketing.

Send some to customers

When you have new customers coming to your business you might consider using brand giveaways to reward them for spending money with you. It is a good way to make their first experience really positive so they will return and spend more money with you and also spread the word to their friends about your generosity. You can give them the gift right then or you can send it to them as a thank you gift. Make sure it is something that represents your company and your ethos well.

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