Who is Lori McCommas?? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career, And Net Worth


Lori McCommas is best known for marrying the famous actor, record producer, and singer-songwriter Terrence Howard.

The couple was married twice and are parents to three children. But who is Lori McCommas outside of her relationship with Howard?

This blog post will explore her biography, wiki, family life, career, and net worth.

Who is Lori McCommas?

Who is Lori McCommas?? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career, And Net Worth

Lori McCommas is a former American fashion model best known as the ex-wife of the famous actor, record producer, and singer-songwriter Terrence Howard.

The two were married twice, first in 1989 and then again in 2005. They have three children together.
Lori McCommas was born in New York City on Sunday, June 22, 1969 (age 51 years; as of 2020).

She grew up in a wealthy family, though her parents’ names remain unknown. After high school, Lori pursued a career in modeling, working for big names like Playboy, Rolling Stone, and Sports Illustrated.

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Eventually, she met Terrence Howard through a mutual friend, and the two tied the knot in 1989.
However, their marriage was far from perfect, and the two eventually divorced in 2003 due to numerous infidelities on both sides.

Nonetheless, the two got back together two years later, in 2005, only to separate again in 2007. Lori’s personal life has been private since her divorce from Terrence Howard. However, her name remains popular thanks to her association with the actor.

Early Life of Lori McCommas

Lori was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She had a comfortable childhood, but little is known about her early life. Lori has been known to keep her private life to herself, which is likely why so little is known about her past.

Her connection with the entertainment industry started when she met actor and singer Terrence Howard. After 14 years of marriage, they decided to divorce in 2003.

Lori McCommas Marriage & Divorce

Lori was first married to Terrence Howard in 1989. The couple separated in 2003. In 2005, the two remarried, only to split again in 2006. They officially divorced in 2007. Throughout their marriage, Lori was often seen by Terrence’s side on red carpets and at events.

Despite their multiple separations and divorces, Lori and Terrence have maintained a civil relationship for the sake of their children. In an interview, Lori stated that she still loves Terrence even after their divorce.

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Despite the difficult times, Lori continues to have a positive outlook on life and strives to provide a good life for her children.

Lori McCommas Children

Who is Lori McCommas?? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career, And Net Worth

She and her ex-husband Terrence Howard are the proud parents of three children: daughters Heaven and Hunter and son Qirin.

Lori and Terrence had their first daughter, Heaven, when they were married for the first time in 1989. They welcomed their second daughter Hunter in 1992 before splitting up and divorcing in 2003.

After reuniting and remarrying in 2005, Lori and Terrence had their only son Qirin in 2007. All three of Lori’s children are now adults and have followed their father into the entertainment industry.

Lori is a proud parent and often posts about her children on social media.

Lori McCommas Career

She started her career working in an advertising agency. After she left the agency, she worked as a real estate agent and broker in California. She then ventured into film production and has produced films such as Fled and A Family Thing.

Lori has also been the executive producer of various television projects, such as A Raisin In The Sun and All My Children. In 2020, Lori appeared in an episode of the VH1 series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

McCommas has also been a vocal advocate for divorce rights. She has also been active in numerous charities and philanthropic efforts.

Awards & Nominations

Lori is a respected and successful entrepreneur. She has received numerous accolades and awards throughout her career. Awards that including the Women in Business Award from the National Organization of Women’s Business Owners in 2004.

The same organization has also nominated Lori for Best Business Woman of the Year. She has also been recognized for her philanthropic works and leadership in the business sector.

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With such an impressive track record, it is no wonder that Lori is one of the most admired women in today’s business world.

Lori McCommas Net Worth

She is an American businesswoman and former wife of actor, record producer, and singer-songwriter Terrence Howard. Lori is believed to have an estimated net worth of around $2 million as of 2020.

This fortune mainly comes from her successful career as an entrepreneur. In addition to that, she also receives a good amount of money from her ex-husband’s wealth. The amount was estimated to be around $5 million.

From all these sources, Lori has been able to provide for herself and her children after the divorce.

Lori McCommas Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Lori has a perfect body with an hourglass shape. Her body measurements are 32-24-35 inches, and she stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall.

She has long black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. Her skin is light, and she has a beautiful smile that lights up her face.

Lori is a fashionista and always looks stunning in whatever she wears. She often wears dresses and skirts to accentuate her figure.

Lori McCommas Hobbies

  • Lori is an avid reader and loves to spend time in the library, where she often finds the latest bestsellers.
  • She enjoys walking her dog and watching classic films.
  • She is an art enthusiast and loves visiting museums and galleries to appreciate different art forms.
  • Lori also loves attending live performances and concerts.
  • She actively participates in various charity organizations and loves to help people in need.
  • Lori enjoys visiting her hometown with her family and friends in her free days.

Lori McCommas Favorite Things


Lori loves to spend her free time shopping.


Lori is a big fan of R&B and hip-hop music. She enjoys listening to her favorite artists while working out or just chilling.


Lori is a world traveler who loves to explore new cultures and experience different lifestyles. She also likes to collect souvenirs from her travels.


Lori is an avid movie-goer who likes both Hollywood and independent films. Her favorite genres are comedy and romance.

 Dining Out:

Whenever she has time off, Lori loves to go out for a nice dinner with friends. She loves trying out new dishes and trying different cuisines.

Fun Facts about Lori McCommas

  • Lori was born in Detroit, Michigan.
  • She first married Terrence Howard in 1989, and they divorced in 2003.
  • They remarried in 2005 and divorced in 2011.
  • Lori has three children with Terrence Howard.
  • She is an actress best known for her roles in films such as The Terminal (2004) and The Visit (2015).
  • She is also a philanthropist, actively raising awareness of various causes.
  • Lori enjoys writing poetry, reading, and traveling in her spare time.
  • She is a self-proclaimed “foodie” who loves trying out new recipes.
  • She also loves spending time with her family and friends.
  • Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it’s a time for family, good food, and gratitude

Frequently Asked Questions

How long were Lori and Terrence Howard married?

Lori and Terrence Howard were married twice. Their first marriage was in 1989 and lasted until 2003. They remarried again in 2005 and divorced again in 2007.

How many children do Lori McCommas and Terrence Howard have?

Lori and Terrence Howard have three children: two sons and one daughter.

What is Lori McCommas’ profession?

Lori is an entrepreneur who has built an impressive business portfolio. She is also a licensed cosmetologist who owns her beauty salon.

What is Lori McCommas’ net worth?

According to reports, Lori McCommas’ net worth is $3 million.

How tall is Lori McCommas?

McCommas is said to be 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

What are some of Lori McCommas’ hobbies?

Lori loves to travel and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also likes to
listen to music, watch movies, and take long walks.

What are some of Lori McCommas’ favorite things?

Some of Lori McCommas’ favorite things include eating Italian food, shopping, and reading

Who is Terrence Howard’s wife?

  • Lori McCommas: Married from 1989 to 2003 and again from 2005 to 2007.
  • Michelle Ghent: Married in 2010 and divorced in 2013.
  • Miranda Pak: Married in 2013 and divorced in 2015.

Does Terrence Howard have any kids?

Yes, Terrence Howard has four children. He shares three children with his ex-wife Lori – Heaven Howard, Hunter Howard, Hero Howard, and Aubrey Howard. His fourth child, Qirin Love Howard, was born in 2016 with his fiancé Miranda Pak.

Who are Terrence Howard’s parents?

Terrence Howard is the son of Anita Hawkins Williams and Tyrone Howard. His mother, Anita, worked as an accountant, and his father was a construction worker. Together, they raised Terrence and his three siblings in Cleveland, Ohio.

How much is Terrence’s net worth?

The actor has received several awards and nominations for best actor, and his songs have done well. Terrence Howard is reportedly worth $5 million due to his hard work.

How many ex-wives does Terrence Howard have?

Howard lives outside Philadelphia in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. Howard married his first wife, Lori McCommas, in 1993. They divorced in 2001, remarried in 2005, and later divorced again.


Lori McCommas is an inspiring and successful woman who continues to strive for success. She has a large fanbase, and her popularity continues to grow with time.

Lori has achieved a lot of success in her life and is an excellent example of a strong, independent woman. She is a loving mother of three children and a former wife of Terrence Howard.

We can all learn something from Lori McCommas’s story – no matter the obstacles, it is possible to achieve greatness.

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