Who is Ramon Dino? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career, And Net Worth


Ramon Dino, born Ramon Rocha Queiroz, is a Brazilian bodybuilder who has become one of the most promising contenders in the IFBB Pro League’s Classic Physique division.

After finishing second at the 2022 Olympia competition, Ramon Dino has emerged as a serious threat to reigning champion Chris Bumstead’s dominance over the division.

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But who exactly is Ramon Dino? In this blog post, we’ll be exploring Ramon Dino’s bio/wiki, family, height, career, and net worth.

Ramon Dino Quick Table

Name Ramon Dino (formerly Ramon Rocha Queiroz)
Occupation Bodybuilder
Birthdate Unknown
Nationality Brazilian
Division IFBB Pro League’s Classic Physique
Achievements Promising contender in Classic Physique division


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Ramon Dino Biography/wiki

Who is Ramon Dino? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career, And Net Worth

Ramon Rocha Queiroz, popularly known as Ramon Dino, was born on February 9, 1995, in Brazil. The Classic Physique contender stands tall at 5’11” and weighs around 222 lbs in the offseason. As a child, Ramon was a soccer enthusiast but later developed a passion for bodybuilding.

Ramon began his bodybuilding career at the age of 18 and went on to compete in various national and international bodybuilding events. He achieved his Pro card in 2019 by winning the Men’s Classic Physique Division at the IFBB North American Championship.

Ramon’s impressive physique and work ethic have made him one of the top Classic Physique contenders. With his remarkable performance at the 2022 Olympia, Ramon has proved that he has what it takes to dominate the Classic Physique division. His dedication to fitness and impressive physique has won him numerous fans worldwide.

Ramon Dino Family

Ramon Dino was born in Brazil and he comes from a close-knit family. His parents have been a great support system for him throughout his journey in the bodybuilding world. While there is not much information available about his siblings, it is clear that he has a tight bond with his family.

Ramon Dino is known to be very private when it comes to his personal life, but he has shared some pictures of his family on social media. His parents are proud of his success in bodybuilding and have been there for him every step of the way.

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It is not known whether Ramon Dino is married or has a girlfriend at this time, as he prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. However, it is clear that his family has been a constant source of support for him and he is grateful for their love and encouragement.

Ramon Dino’s wife/Girlfriend

As one of the most promising names in the bodybuilding industry, Ramon Dino’s fans are always curious about his personal life, particularly his love life. However, it seems that Ramon likes to keep his private life low-key, and not much is known about his relationship status.

So far, Ramon has not publicly shared any information about his girlfriend or wife, nor has he been spotted with any female companions. This has led to speculations that the Classic Physique superstar is single and focused solely on his bodybuilding career.

It’s no surprise that many women would love to date the Brazilian hunk, but for now, it appears that he is single and more focused on his training and competition preparation. Whether or not Ramon has a special someone in his life, one thing is clear –

he is committed to being the best bodybuilder he can be, and his dedication is evident in his impressive physique and stellar competition record.

Ramon Dino Before Fame

Who is Ramon Dino? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, Career, And Net Worth

Before Ramon Dino made waves in the Classic Physique division of the IFBB Pro League, he was just a young boy with big dreams. Born on February 9, 1995, in Salvador, Brazil, Ramon was always interested in sports and physical activity. As a child, he would often watch Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and idolize his physique, inspiring him to pursue bodybuilding as a career.

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Despite facing financial hardships, Ramon was determined to pursue his passion for bodybuilding. He started training at the age of 18 and worked hard to perfect his craft. He spent years honing his skills, dedicating long hours to his workouts, and making significant dietary changes to get his body in top shape.

His hard work and dedication paid off, and Ramon Dino went on to become one of the rising stars of the Classic Physique division, winning several competitions and placing second at the 2022 Olympia.

Ramon Dino Career


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Ramon Dino’s career as a professional bodybuilder started in 2016 when he placed second in the Brazilian National Championship. The following year, he competed in the Arnold Classic South America and placed fifth. His breakthrough moment came in 2018, when he won the Classic Physique division at the Arnold Classic Australia, securing his qualification for the Mr. Olympia competition.

Since then, Ramon Dino has been on a steady rise in the ranks of the IFBB Pro League. He finished fourth in the Classic Physique division of the 2019 Olympia and third in the 2021 Olympia, before his impressive runner-up finish at the 2022 Olympia.

With his consistent performance, Dino has emerged as one of the top contenders in the Classic Physique division and a serious threat to the reigning champion, Chris Bumstead.

Dino’s impressive career trajectory showcases his dedication and hard work toward achieving his goals, making him an inspiration to aspiring bodybuilders worldwide.

Ramon Dino’s Net Worth

Ramon Dino has come a long way since starting as a teenage bodybuilder in Brazil. Over the years, his hard work, discipline, and dedication to the sport have paid off in terms of his competitive achievements and net worth.

As of 2022, Ramon Dino’s estimated net worth is around 1.3 millons$. This includes earnings from his professional bodybuilding competitions, sponsorships, endorsements, and other sources.
Despite his rising success, Ramon remains grounded and focused on achieving his goals in the sport.

He continues to work hard and push himself to new heights, both in the gym and on the competition stage.
With his impressive physique and unwavering determination, Ramon Dino is well on his way to becoming one of his generation’s most successful and influential bodybuilders. We look forward to watching his journey unfold and wish him continued success in the years ahead.

Ramon Dino Hobbies

Besides bodybuilding, Ramon Dino enjoys indulging in various hobbies during his free time. Here are some of the activities that he enjoys:

  • Cooking: Ramon Dino loves to cook, experiment with different recipes and enjoy new dishes with his family and friends.
  • Reading: Ramon Dino is an avid reader and enjoys immersing himself in philosophy, spirituality, and personal development books.
  • Traveling: Ramon Dino enjoys traveling and exploring different parts of the world, especially places with beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes.
  • Listening to Music: Ramon Dino loves to listen to music, particularly hip-hop and Brazilian funk, and finds it to be an excellent source of motivation during his workouts.
  • Playing Video Games: Ramon Dino likes to unwind and destress by playing video games on his days off.

Despite his busy training and competition schedule, Ramon Dino takes time out for his hobbies as they help him stay grounded and rejuvenate him mentally and emotionally.

Ramon Dino’s Favorite Things

Aside from bodybuilding, Ramon Dino has a variety of interests and hobbies. Here are some of his favorite things:

  • Favorite food: Sushi and steak.
  • Favorite bodybuilder: Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Favorite exercise: Deadlifts and squats.
  • My favorite cheat meal: Pizza and ice cream.
  • My favorite vacation spot: Hawaii.
  • Favorite music genre: Reggaeton.
  • My favorite movie: Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • My favorite animal: Lions.
  • My favorite color: Blue.
  • Favorite workout partner: His wife.
  • Favorite gym equipment: Barbells and dumbbells.
  • My favorite book: Is the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Despite his dedication to bodybuilding, Ramon Dino still finds time to enjoy life and pursue his interests outside of the gym. His favorite things showcase his diverse tastes and passions.

Fun Facts about Ramon Dino

  • When it comes to the rising stars of the Classic Physique division, Ramon Dino stands out for his incredible physique and his personality. Here are some fun facts about the Brazilian bodybuilder that you might not know:
  • Ramon Dino is a father to a son named Gabriel and is a proud family man.
  • Dino has a degree in Physical Education and worked as a fitness coach before focusing solely on bodybuilding.
  • He has a deep appreciation for music and enjoys playing the guitar.
  • Dino is a food lover and enjoys indulging in Brazilian cuisine, particularly barbecue.
  • Despite being a competitive bodybuilder, he has a softer side and is an animal lover, owning several pets.
  • He is fluent in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English.
  • Dino is a philanthropist and often participates in charity events in Brazil.
  • His nickname “Dino” was given to him by his childhood friends, and it stuck ever since.
  • Dino cites his biggest inspiration in bodybuilding as fellow Brazilian bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia champion, Dexter Jackson.
  • Despite his success, Dino remains humble and strives to improve his physique and career.


Who is Ramon Dino?

Ramon Dino is a rising contender in the Classic Physique division of the IFBB Pro League. He hails from Brazil and has become a serious threat to reigning champion Chris Bumstead’s dominance over the Classic Physique division.

What is Ramon Dino’s height?

Ramon Dino stands at an impressive height of 5’8″.

What is Ramon Dino’s net worth?

While his exact net worth is not disclosed, Ramon Dino is expected to have a comfortable net worth as a professional bodybuilder.

Does Ramon Dino have any favorite hobbies?

In his free time, Ramon Dino enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends, and working on his physique.

What are some fun facts about Ramon Dino?

Ramon has been featured in various bodybuilding magazines and has won numerous competitions throughout his career. He also enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.

What is next for Ramon Dino?

As a serious contender in the Classic Physique division, Ramon Dino is sure to continue to make waves in the world of bodybuilding. Fans can expect to see more of him in the future and potentially see him claim the title of Classic Physique champion.


Ramon is a talented bodybuilder who has taken the Classic Physique division by storm. With a hardworking attitude and an impressive physique, he has become a serious threat to Chris Bumstead’s dominance over the category.
Despite his success, Ramon remains grounded and is known for his friendly personality and positive attitude toward others. When he’s not working on his physique, he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family.
With an estimated net worth of $500k, Ramon has worked hard to establish himself as one of the top competitors in the industry. And with his impressive track record, he’s someone to watch out for in the years to come.
Overall, Ramon Dino’s story is one of determination, hard work, and passion. He’s a true inspiration to anyone looking to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

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