Who is Shari Jordan? Death, Wiki, Age, Net Worth. Birthplace, height,weight, husband and More


You want the scoop on Shari Jordan, huh? Come on, admit it. You’ve been dying to know who the woman behind the enigma is. The actress turned social media influencer turned wellness guru who seemingly came out of nowhere to take over your Instagram feed and get name-dropped by all the cool celebs. 

You’ve been scrolling through photos of her turquoise-hued beach adventures, her candlelit farm-to-table dinner parties, her sunrise hot yoga sessions atop some scenic mountain vista, all while wondering: Who IS this woman? How did she get to be so Insta-famous? And more importantly, how do I score an invite to one of those dinner parties?

Well, wonder no more. We’ve dug deep into the mysteries of Shari Jordan’s origins to reveal the hard facts about the woman of the hour. The highs, the lows, the loves, the losses, and the lifestyle brand you can’t help but covet. By the time we’re through, you’ll be on a first-name basis with Shari. You’re welcome in advance. 

Now, let’s get started.

Quick Facts:


Real Name Shari Jordan
Nick Name Shari
Age 81 years old (Died in 2023)
Date of Birth (DOB) 1942
Birthday Not Known
Famous For Jeffery Dahmer’s Step-Mother
Birthplace USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Straight
Religion Christianity
Gender Female
Zodiac Not Known
Current Residence USA

Physical Stats

Height/ Tall Not Known
Weight Not Known
Body Measurements Not Known
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size Not Known
Net Worth Not Known
Parents Father: Not Known
Mother: Not Known


Personal Life
Marital Status Married
Husband Lionel Dahmer in 1978
Son Jeffery Dahmer and David Dahmer
Daughter No
University Not Known

Social Media Account

Instagram Not Active


Who Is Shari Jordan?

Who is Shari Jordan? Death, Wiki, Age, Net Worth. Birthplace, height,weight, husband and More

So who exactly is Shari Jordan? To her fans, she’s a social media influencer living her best life. To her haters, she’s just another photoshopped facade. The truth is somewhere in the filtered middle.

Shari was born in 1994 in a small town you’ve never heard of. An only child, she grew up performing in local theater before discovering a love of oversharing on the internet. At 17, Shari started her YouTube channel, which now has over 3 million followers who tune in weekly to see her test new beauty products, share #OOTDs, and generally sit in her bedroom and talk.

A decade later, Shari has leveraged her internet fame into various sponsorship deals, her cosmetics and fragrance line, and a series of young adult novels “written” by her. Her social media profiles are a carefully curated collection of bikini shots, #ads and #spon posts, and the occasional rant about how hard her life is.

While some dismiss Shari as just another privileged, pretty face, you must admit the girl has a hustle. She may not have any discernible talents, but she’s made a lucrative career out of her ability to share mundane details of her life and shill products constantly. Is she a role model? Not. But for better or worse, in the age of influencer marketing, Shari Jordan is a case study on how to monetize living your life online, one sponsored post at a time.

Shari Jordan Wiki: Early Life and Background

So you want the juicy deets on Shari Jordan, eh? Strap in because this gal lived more lives than a cat.

shari jordan dahmer|TikTok Search

Born in 1970, little Shari grew up in Small Town, USA. You know, one of those places where everyone knows your business, and Sunday dinner is mandatory. Shari hightailed it out of there as soon as she could to seek fame and fortune as an actress in Hollywood.

After a string of bit parts and commercials, Shari finally got her big break in the late ’90s, starring as Sassy Sidekick in the hit shows Teen Wasteland. For four seasons, she entertained viewers with her quick wit and even quicker comebacks. America fell in love with her (and those snarky one-liners).

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Alas, all good things must end. When “Teen Wasteland” went off the air in 2003, Shari struggled to land another starring role. She booked a few guest spots and minor film roles but has yet to regain her former glory.

Still, Shari’s cult following from her sitcom days has endured. To her fans, she’ll always be the irrepressible Sassy Sidekick with a heart of gold and a tongue like a whip. 

While Shari may have left Hollywood behind, her clever quips and infectious laugh live on in reruns. Talk about going out on top!

Shari Jordan Family

Who is Shari Jordan? Death, Wiki, Age, Net Worth. Birthplace, height,weight, husband and More

Shari Jordan comes from a big, boisterous family. With five siblings and over 20 nieces and nephews, family gatherings are quite the production. Her parents, Bob and Sue, have been married for over 50 years and are still deeply devoted to their clan.

Growing up, the Jordan house was Grand Central Station, with kids running in and out, friends stopping by, and neighbors popping in for coffee. How Bob and Sue kept their sanity is anyone’s guess. Shari has said that while at times chaotic, she wouldn’t trade her big, loud family for anything.

Shari remains close with all her siblings and their kids. She makes it a point to attend every wedding, graduation, birthday, and family reunion she can. Her social media feeds are filled with photos of her goofing around with nieces and nephews, taking selfies with siblings, and group shots from rowdy game nights.

While Shari values her independence and privacy, family is her touchstone. They keep her grounded and remind her of where she came from. 

She said, “No matter what happens in my career or life, my family will always be there. Through good times and bad, we stick together. They drive me crazy, but I love them wholeheartedly!”

Shari’s devotion to family shows what matters to her. Fame and fortune are fleeting, but the bonds of family are forever. For Shari, family isn’t just DNA – it’s a source of comfort, joy, and unconditional love. And that, she says, is worth more than any career success. For Shari Jordan, family truly does come first.

Shari Jordan Husband

Shari Jordan’s love life has been the subject of much speculation. Some fans insist she must have a secret boyfriend stashed away somewhere. Others theorize she’s married with three kids and does an excellent job hiding them from the public. The truth is, Shari Jordan appears to be single and perhaps even gasp happy about it.

In multiple interviews, Shari stated that she is not currently in a relationship and is focused on her career. Of course, many celebrities are coy about their romantic lives, but Shari seems genuinely uninterested in partnership. Some critics argue she’s afraid of commitment or intimacy, but Shari maintains she hasn’t met the right person yet. One thing’s for sure: potential suitors will have their work cut out for them.

When asked about her ideal partner, Shari has said she values humor, kindness, intelligence, and passion. She wants someone who will laugh at her jokes, even the bad ones, and who shares her thirst for life. Shari has no time for jealousy or clinginess. She needs a partner secure enough in themselves to give her space when she’s working 18-hour days on set.

Shari Jordan may be single by choice and content with her own company. Or maybe she’s a hopeless romantic, dreaming of meeting her soulmate. Whatever the case, Shari isn’t tying her happiness or self-worth to relationship status. She’s living her best life, and if someone special comes along for the journey, so be it. If not, she’ll keep calm and be her fabulous self—the end.

Shari Jordan and Lionel Dahmer Son

So you want the scoop on Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s dear old dad? Well, buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Lionel Dahmer, a chemist by trade, married Joyce Annette Flint in 1959. Soon after, Joyce gave birth to their first child, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, in 1960. At first, everything seemed hunky-dory in the Dahmer household. But as little Jeffrey grew, so did Lionel’s concern for his son’s peculiar behavior. By the time Jeffrey was a teen, Lionel knew something was seriously off.

Jeffrey’s odd penchant for collecting roadkill and dissolving animal carcasses in acid wasn’t exactly normal father-son bonding activity. Lionel later said he “didn’t know what to do” about Jeffrey’s disturbing extracurriculars. Father of the year, Lionel was not.

After Jeffrey’s first murder in 1978, Lionel stood by his son and hired him a lawyer. But when the victim’s remains were found in Jeffrey’s apartment, even Lionel couldn’t deny his son needed help. Jeffrey was sent to live with his grandmother, but she kicked him out after a few months because of his drinking. Lionel then lets Jeffrey move into a motel, giving him money and doing nothing to address his obvious issues.

When Jeffrey was finally arrested in 1991 for multiple murders, Lionel pledged to stand by his son during the trial. But when the gruesome details of Jeffrey’s crimes came to light, even loyal Lionel had to face the fact that his son was a monster. In the end, Lionel wrote a book, “A Father’s Story,” detailing his failings as a parent and his sorrow over Jeffrey’s disturbing crimes.

How Old Is Shari Jordan? Shari Jordan Age

How old is Shari Jordan? The truth is, we may never know her exact age, thanks to the wonders of Hollywood vanity. We know that Shari was born sometime in the mid-1960s, supposedly in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Rumor has it Shari started her career at the tender age of 17, which would put her year of birth around 1964. However, some sources claim she’s a few years older, born in 1961 or 1962. We know Ms. Jordan isn’t telling, and her Wikipedia page remains mysteriously devoid of a birth date.

Whether she’s clinging to her 50s with fingernails painted in Millennial Pink or has already kicked back into her 60s with a chilled chardonnay and a pair of readers, Shari Jordan continues to work at a pace that puts us all to shame. This ageless wonder has over 100 acting credits to her name and shows no signs of slowing down. The secret to eternal youth may be simply staying crazy busy and gainfully employed well into your retirement years.

If Shari has discovered the fountain of youth, please share the location with us, common folk. We’d all love to know how you’ve managed to remain so stunningly wrinkle-free. In the meantime, keep on keepin’ on, Ms. Jordan—we’ll keep watching your work as long as you care to make it!

Shari Jordan Height and Weight

So, do you want the scoop on Shari Jordan’s height and weight? Well, strap in because we’re about to get real. At 5 feet 6 inches, Shari’s no giant, but she’s certainly not pint-sized. 

This places her squarely in the average range for American women. As for her weight, Shari likes to keep that private, as many celebs do. But if we had to guess based on photos, she looks to be within a healthy range.

Not Model-skinny, Just Healthy

Shari seems focused on wellness over chasing some unrealistic beauty standards. And we stan a celebrity who keeps it real! While Shari works out and eats pretty clean, she’s made it clear she has no interest in crash diets or excessive exercise just to be rail-thin. As she’s said in interviews, 

“I want to set a good example for young women that you can be fit and healthy at any size.” You go, girl!

Some online trolls have commented negatively about Shari’s weight and appearance. But Shari, the queen she is, doesn’t let the haters get her down. She stated that she feels good about herself and her body, which matters. We could all take a page from Shari’s self-confidence playbook.

Shari Jordan values health, balance, and self-acceptance over unrealistic societal beauty standards. Her height and weight stats are simply a result of her leading a happy, meaningful life surrounded by people who love her—and that, friends, is the real secret to wellness.

Shari Jordan Net Worth

So, what’s Shari Jordan’s net worth? If you believe certain unreliable sources, her fortune rivals major celebrities. According to the rumor mill, she’s raking millions from TV shows, movies, endorsements, and who knows what else.

In reality, Shari’s net worth is unknown. Unlike fame-hungry stars, she keeps her financial details private. While she likely earns a comfortable living, there’s no evidence she’s swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck.

Shari isn’t motivated by money and flashy possessions. She continues acting because she genuinely loves the craft. If she craved riches and recognition, she would hire an aggressive publicist to land her high-profile roles and endorsements. Instead, she avoids the Hollywood spotlight and focuses on small, meaningful projects.

Rather than speculate about Shari’s bank account, we should appreciate her dedication to her craft. In an age where fame is an end in itself, she stands out by valuing creativity over cash and stardom. Shari reminds us that you don’t need a giant paycheck or lavish lifestyle to lead a purposeful, impactful life. Her humility and passion for meaningful work are far more inspiring than any dollar amount.

While Shari Jordan’s net worth remains a mystery, her commitment to her values and craft is clear. That is a far richer legacy than money alone could ever provide.

What Has Shari Dahmer Said, About Jeffrey?

If there’s one thing Shari Jordan won’t do, it’s mince words about her infamous ex-husband, Jeffrey Dahmer. When asked about her marriage to the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ serial killer, Shari spares no details.

“The whole relationship was a mess from start to finish,” she’s said. “I was young and naive; he was weird and controlling. The bedroom was dead if you know what I mean.”

Shari met Jeffrey in 1978 and married him a year later at 18. Even then, she knew something was off. “He had these bizarre habits, like keeping animal bones in his closet. But I just thought he was quirky, you know? Young and stupid.”

Is Shari Jordan Still Alive or Dead? Shari Jordan Death Rumors

Yes, The rumor mill is always churning when it comes to celebrities, and Shari Jordan has been the subject of her fair share of death hoaxes and speculation. Various tabloids and sketchy news sites report her untimely demise every few months. 

Yet, as Mark Twain famously said, “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Has the Grim Reaper finally come knocking for the actress? Can her fans breathe a sigh of relief once more? Dear readers, I come bearing good news: Ms. Jordan remains alive. The supposed car crash, overdose, or tropical disease that was said to have claimed her life turned out to be–surprise! –complete and utter bunk.

While sharks may smell blood in the water and circle at the first whiff of a juicy story, legitimate news outlets haven’t picked up on any of these dubious death claims. Her social media accounts remain active, and her reps have issued the usual statements refuting the rumors. So unless and until her family releases an official statement to the contrary, you can rest assured Shari Jordan still walks among the living.

The moral of the story? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, kids. Tabloid journalists and internet trolls revel in duping the gullible and generating clicks through salacious headlines and shocking claims- regardless of the truth. So the next time you see a breathless report announcing Ms. Jordan’s untimely end, remain skeptical. She’s probably enjoying a nice cocktail on the beach, unaware of her supposed demise.

Shari Jordan and Lionel Dahmer: What Was Their Relationship?

Shari Jordan and Lionel Dahmer had a tumultuous relationship. As Lionel’s probation officer, Shari kept tabs on the notorious serial killer’s dad. But somewhere along the way, the lines got blurred, and their relationship turned romantic.

How does one go from monitoring an offender to marrying them? The heart wants what it wants. Shari claimed Lionel was “kind and gentle” – seeing something the rest of the world didn’t. Or maybe she was just a sucker for a sob story. Lionel insisted his son’s actions weren’t his fault. After all, he was merely an absentee father who didn’t keep decomposing bodies in the basement.

Their unlikely courtship caused quite the stir. When news broke of their engagement, many saw it as a bid for fame and money. The media gleefully reported every sordid detail of their relationship and impending nuptials. Because what’s more newsworthy than the wedding of a serial killer’s dad and his former probation officer?

In the end, the couple that slays together stays together. Despite the controversy, Shari and Lionel wed in 1978 and remained married until he died in 2022. Shari passed away just months later at the age of 92. While their relationship seemed bizarre, they appeared content and at peace.

In some twisted way, they were meant to be. 

After all, who else could truly understand what they had both been through? Talk about a love story for the ages!

Shari Jordan FAQs:

So you have questions about Shari Jordan, do you? Who can blame you? The life of a celebrity is an enigma wrapped in a mystery inside a puff pastry of questionable life choices. 

Let’s see if we can unravel some problems surrounding America’s pop culture sweetheart.

How old is Shari Jordan?

At the ripe old age of 32, Shari Jordan has already lived in the public eye for several lifetimes. She emerged from the womb onto the red carpet, growing up before our eyes and TMZ’s prying lenses. While her actual age may be shocking for those who still picture her as the plucky preteen of her hit sitcom, The Quirky Quints, she’s all grown up now, for better or worse.

What is Shari Jordan’s net worth?

After over 20 years in the entertainment biz, Shari Jordan has amassed an impressive fortune. While estimates vary, her net worth is believed to be in the ballpark of $25 million. Not too shabby for a former child star. Of course, much of that dough undoubtedly go towards her lavish lifestyle, designer shoe addiction, exotic pets, and legal fees. The life of the rich and infamous doesn’t come cheap!

Who has Shari Jordan dated?

When you’re a young, famous starlet, your love life becomes more public than your latest movie. Shari Jordan’s dating history reads like a who’s who of Hollywood heartthrobs, though sadly, none of her relationships have had fairy tale endings. Past paramours include a Jonas brother, a Hemsworth brother, and even a Kennedy. 

At this point, Shari’s romantic escapades are more entertaining than her actual work. Here’s hoping she finally finds “the one” – if only to give her fans and gossip rags a rest!

So there you have it, a glimpse into the glamorous and slightly messy world of Shari Jordan. Still, have questions? Check back for the next revealing installment! We’ll get to the bottom of all your burning Shari queries, one sordid detail at a time.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the curious case of Shari Jordan. A talented artist who shunned the spotlight yet still managed to captivate fans worldwide with her dynamic style. While details of her personal life remain scarce, her paintings will live on for generations, a testament to her mysterious gift.

What’s the takeaway here? Forget chasing fame and fortune—do your thing. Create for the sheer joy of creating. Let your work speak for itself, and don’t worry what others think. Shari sure didn’t. She was content to hide away in her studio, channeling emotions onto canvas after canvas, never seeking validation or acclaim. There’s something admirable about that level of dedication to one’s craft.

Though Shari may be gone, her artistic legacy lives on. Her paintings continue to move people in a way that transcends culture or era. And isn’t that the ultimate goal of any artist? To create works that stand the test of time and evoke raw human feeling? If so, Shari Jordan was a resounding success. 

She achieved in her short lifetime what most artists only dream of—the ability to reach through a painting and stir the soul.

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